The Inner Glow Series: SHERIDAN MEYERS

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Sheridan is a highly successful makeup artist and business owner in Brisbane. Sheridan paints some of Australia’s most beautiful women’s faces, so it was very interesting to hear her thoughts on inner beauty…

What is your favourite feature of your body and why?

My fair skin!

My skin used to be a source of insecurity for me in my younger years - being tanned was the ideal and I am as fair as they come. I fake tanned for years, and I hated the cycle of feeling great for a few days and then like crap about how I looked through the patchy stage, the scrubbing stage and all the way through till I had a fresh tan again. I now accept and love my fair skin as I think its something unique to me and I feel great about how I look every day rather then only 3 days a week (when I had a new tan). I haven’t fake tanned in years.

What has helped you to gain confidence in your own body over the years?

Somewhere along the line I had the thought ‘no one actually cares what you look like, everyone is only thinking about what they themselves look like’ and that initially helped me. And also the thought ‘this is me, if someone doesn’t like it then that’s their problem and they aren’t worth my time’ then as I grew older my thoughts have become more positive and encouraging towards myself. More like ‘I like how I look and I want to enhance/maintain these aspects of my appearance’ and also gratitude has become a bigger focus as I’ve gotten older as well.

For example, how could I possibly be critical or insecure about my appearance when I am so appreciative to have a working healthy body? I am so greatful. 

What routines do you have in place to help you achieve glowing skin?

Definitely eating lots of good fats, greens and drinking lots of water (I am not always on point with all these but each day is a new day to try!) Exercise to get the blood circulating, sunlight in moderation and basic skincare.

I am loving using an organic cleanser and scrub and then Bioligi serums (I’m addicted!) and that’s it!

My skin concerns are normally dehydration, redness and a bit of skin texture/pores but I am seeing an improvement in all areas with my current skincare routine and especially when I focus on the internal as well.

From a makeup point of view, cream blush is where it’s at for a healthy glowing skin look! 

With your line of work, you are surrounded by beautiful women every day. Do you ever have self doubt and if so, how do you counteract these feelings and continue to be the boss babe that you are?

I don’t feel negatively about myself when surrounded by beautiful women because they are who they are, and I am who I am. There is always going to be someone who is prettier, fitter, more talented, richer then you. (I could go on!) the sooner you accept that and learn to love yourself the happier you’ll be (IMO!) that being said, I still have moments of self doubt and I think that’s pretty normal too. 

What would you tell your teenage self about your skin and body?

Don’t miss out on experiences and relationships or sacrifice your own happiness based on your insecurities on something so surface as your physical appearance. Instead focus your energy on maintaining/enhancing what you were born with, your health and fitness, your goals, anything that positively affects your mental health and makes you feel happy.

When do you feel most comfortable in your own skin?

When I’m being true to myself in the decisions I make every day. Being mindful and in the moment is a big area of opportunity for me. ‘You can’t multitask presence’ is something I read recently (caption by @kyliecamps) and it’s it’s so spot on!!! 

I might not get it right 24/7 but if I am always trying to be better and making positive decisions every day that’s what matters to me. On the flip side not beating myself up or engaging in negative self talk if I do have an off day.

You run a very successful business, how much of this do you feel is due to a happy and healthy mindset?

A lot! 

I also feel like it’s a combination of skill set, passion, confidence and initiative. My job involves a lot of interaction face to face with people and I always remain happy during my hour with my client because they will remember how they felt during our appointment the most. This translates into positive word of mouth about your business. I think the longevity of a successful business also will depend on the factors I mentioned earlier, especially having confidence and not letting fear/doubts stop you from moving forward. My first priority will always be my little boy so I don’t dedicate too much time to my career in this particular season of my life which I’m totally okay with. I’ve had moments of struggle with this balance but when I accepted it I felt I had a happier mindset about my career. 

Who is the most beautiful person you know and what about them makes them so beautiful?

I have so many beautiful people in my life but what makes someone beautiful to me is if someone is kind, generous, thoughtful, positive and respectful.