The Inner Glow Series - Marni Wasserman

What is your favourite feature of your body and why?
My eyes! They are baby blue and they stand out in pictures and bright lighting. They have always been one of my unique features that I have always appreciated. I hope some day my kids have baby blue eyes ;)

You and your partner are clearly very healthy now. Has this always been the case for you, or have you had to work hard to achieve this life style?
We have always been “healthy”. We met because I wrote an article for his health blog - so cliche lol. Then we kept seeing each other at health events and eventually I reached out to him and asked him to go for a run. Health has always come naturally to us. We not only pursued careers in the realm of health but we live and breath it everyday. So in short, we don’t have to work hard to achieve it - although it does take a some work to keep it up and maintain. We are constantly learning new things and fine tuning our lifestyle all the time.

What routines do you have in place to help you achieve glowing skin?
First off my diet is clean. I focus on an abundance of leafy greens, berries and foods rich in beta carotene like sweet potatoes. In addition I eat a plethora of healthy fats like avocado, coconut and olive oil. I consume protein from wild fish, organic chicken and collagen. I also make sure I am always hydrated with filtered water and herbal teas. These are all part of my daily nutrition plan that I truly believe support my youthful skin.

When do you feel most confident? (ie wearing makeup, in a dress etc?)

Probably when I am wearing my most comfortable clothing, which is usually activewear. Something that I can move in and be myself will always having me at my most confident. I don’t like to dress up and I don’t like make up, these are definitely are not things that would contribute to my confidence, if anything I feel more self conscious.

Is there anything in life that lessens your self confidence and if so, what do you do to counteract this?
I think when I am put in a situation where I can’t be myself. I am pretty intuitive, so if I get the vibe that the setting is awkward or the people - I typically want out. When I get that feeling in the pit of my stomach that I am not going to show up as the best version of me, I simply remove myself from it. This rarely happens though but I can recall a few times that I have done this. I think as I have gotten older, I am more and more comfortable with myself in most situation.

What would you tell your teenage self about your skin and body?
I would tell myself to appreciate it’s beauty and youthfulness as early as possible. Nourish it, love it and take care of it. Luckily I had good habits instilled from a young age, but I think my self talk could have absolutely been more positive when I was a teenager!

How do you want others to perceive you?/ how do you think others perceive you?I want others to perceive me as strong, confident, radiant and joyful. I think there is already a lot of truth in this for how I am perceived already :)

What is your favourite motto to live by?

Always be yourself. No matter what the situation is. Trust your instincts, value your insight and most importantly surround yourself with good people.

Who is the most beautiful person you know and what about them makes them so beautiful?

I would say the most beautiful person I know is my mom. She is the most caring, compassionate human being I know. She would do anything for anyone and has the biggest heart.