The Inner Glow Series

A series of blog post interviews from beautiful, confident women who radiate beauty from inside out and outside in. I want to promote a well rounded approach to healthy skin and am a big believer that internal happiness, truly glows through.

Being apart of the Cosmetic industry, I often worry I am contributing to the pressure women face to look a certain way. In my line of work, body dysmorphia is a real concern and becoming more and more prevalent. We put so much emphasis on looking beautiful from the exterior, that we quite often forget the interior is the most beautiful part of us all. Think about the most beautiful women you know? They may not have the most symmetrical features or the figure of a Victoria secret model, but they have a glow about them, one that cannot be achieved from a bottle... their ‘Inner glow’.

Happiness is infectious. According to a study out of the British Medical Journal, we can feel happy just by being around other people who are happy, so I want to bring happy, confident, raw and beautiful women to my blog to promote the right message.

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Caroline Høgh Groth is a passionate & avid life-lover, self-taught yogi, spiritualist, meditator and health advocate based in Bondi Beach. Caroline has been through lots of ups and downs through the years; including cancer, disordered eating, depression and more.. However, those times in her life also led her to who she is today and why she likes to share her take on health.



  • What is your favourite feature of your body and why? My favourite feature of my body, is the connection between body, mind and soul that I've been able to discover and tune-into the last few years. I'm incredibly aware when something is off, and when something needs attention and adjusting.

  • What has helped you to gain confidence in your own body over the years?
    I've suffered through eating disorders for many years, and so it's taken me a very long time to gain confidence within myself and my body, and it's still a journey every single day. I'm trying to remember that my body is simply a vessel for my soul on this earth. It's not who I am, nor does it define me. 
    I also try and exercise to create a strong body, so I feel good and vibrant. That's how I gain confidence, when I feel good from the inside-out.

  • What routines do you have in place to help you achieve glowing skin? I have both a morning and evening routine. Both consists of double cleansing, toner, mist, serum and moisturiser + spot treatments and weekly masks. I also have fortnightly facials and LED-light at Laser Clinics Australia in Bondi Junction.

  • Which feature of yours do you feel has become even more beautiful with age? I feel like my eyes grow more beautiful the more I experience and that comes with age, too. I feel they are a window to my soul, and often speak for me when I don't have enough words to describe my innermost feelings.

  • When do you feel most confident? (ie wearing makeup, in a dress etc) I feel most confident when I'm feeling good. This means a day that started with meditation, beach walks, getting into nature, cuddling and kissing my boyfriend, having my morning tea. I feel most beautiful when I nurture my insides, because it shines through on the outside.

  • You've obviously had to overcome some immense hurdles in your life. Do you find this automatically makes you feel grateful for your life, or do you still have to remind yourself just how lucky you are? Nothing lasts forever. Not even gratitude. Unless we practice gratitude it's as fleeting as all other things in life. It's something that I've started focusing much more on recently as I have found myself taking some things for granted, and it's not a place I like to be in or operate from. I always pray before bed and give thanks to the universe and all beings for allowing me to live the life that I do - on good and bad.

  • What would you tell your teenage self about your skin and body?
    "Please don't diet. Please don't listen to those boys that are telling you that you are not worthy. You are so worthy. And you matter. More than you know."

  • How do you want others to perceive you?/ how do you think others perceive you? I'd like to think people think I'm a very approachable and kind person. I'm your 'every-day' girl and am just as normal as anyone else. I face the same obstacles and the same wins as you all do. I want people to know and think of me as someone who will always give as much as I can, and if I ever say no, it's simply because I need to for the sake of my own health & soul.

  • Do you feel pressure from social media to look a certain way? Yes and no. In the beginning I did, a lot and I absolutely think that added to my disordered eating. Now, not so much. I think I've created a community where-as I encourage everyone to be their true self, and that everyone is beautiful just as they are. I celebrate diversity instead of sameness, and I want everyone to feel special in their own skin.

  • Who is the most beautiful person you know and what about them makes them so beautiful? I'd have to say two people, because they're equally beautiful in their own ways: Pash, my boyfriend; is one of the kindest, humblest, caring and considerate men I've ever met in my entire life. He hardly has a judgmental bone in his body, and he's always held my hand no matter what I've gone through. He has a way of loving someone unconditionally which I don't think a lot of people have the ability to do. Ashley, my best girlfriend; she's an angel. Literally, an angel roaming the earth. She's one of the reasons I stepped even more into my truth and followed my spiritual path. She's both my best friend and one of my biggest inspirations in life. She's beautiful, not only gorgeously on the outside, but her soul is made of pure rose quartz that shines so bright from within. Her energy is on a whole different scale, and anyone who crosses paths with her, should feel very lucky to experience her energy.