Today I interviewed one of my favourite simple and natural brands on the market. I do love hard core science and some cosmeceutical ranges for long lasting results in the skin, however there is alot of grey area in the cosmetic industry, so I feel it is best and safest, to stick to a certified organic products as your skin care base. Mother Earth created a perfect masterpiece of natural wonders and raw beauty. MAAEMO has harnessed her gifts to bring you some of the most nutrient rich, botanical ingredients that nature has to offer.

Madilyn: What does it mean for a skin care brand to be ‘certified Organic?’

Maaemo: In order for a product to obtain organic certification, it needs to be developed and manufactured according to the strict guidelines and standard of the chosen Certification Body. It’s actually a really difficult and lengthy process to go through and it’s not something that happens easily! Every little detail from ingredients, to packaging and manufacturing process all has to go through an approval process so ensure everything is up to standard. This is really the only way for a consumer to be absolutely sure of what a brand is claiming to be true 

Madilyn: How important are certified organic ingredients when it comes to applying them to our skin?

Maaemo: The cosmetic industry is frighteningly under regulated. I personally thinks it’s super important to choose certified organic brands and products as it gives us as consumers reassurance that the products we are applying regularly to our bodies are not going to do us any harm. 

Madilyn: What are the potential long term health effects of using products that contain Parabens & Sulfates, Mineral Oils, Silicones, Synthetic Fragrances, Preservatives, DEA & TEA? Aka the nasties. 

Maaemo: I remember when I first started the development process for MAAEMO and through my research I became aware of just how many of these ingredients (plus an extensive list of more) have never actually been tested for the safety of their use.. I was also so shocked to find out that many ingredients including parabens have been banned in Europe due to being deemed unsafe but were still widely available for use in Australia.

Many of these ingredients have been linked to endocrine disruption and hormone imbalance which can significantly impact multiple systems within our body leading to a magnitude of health implications! Scary stuff! 

Madilyn: "What is your favorite all rounder product for all skin types from your rang

Maaemo: My all time favourite product in the range, and a product which I recommend to everyone is the Vitalize face elixir! It is honestly a game changer for all skin types and works wonders for everyone. I always describe it as like a multi vitamin for the skin. It contains a blend of fruit, nut and seed oils that I have carefully selected for each of their own unique properties. The main ingredient is hemp seed oil which is incredible for the face as its one of the very few oils that it non comedogenic which means it wont clog the pores. This means its perfect for those of us with oily skin and suffer from congestion. Its also rich in essential fatty acids and antioxidants from the pomegranate seed oil which makes it a dream for those who wish to repair damage to the skin, even out the skin tone or provide a deep level of nourishment and hydration. 

Madilyn: What are your top tips for our readers, to look for when wanting to purchase the right kind of clean skin care?

Maaemo: I think its important for us all as consumers to educate our selves on being able to recognise ingredients and know how to read product labels. My rule of thumb is if you see an ingredient on the back of a product that you can’t pronounce, look it up and do your research. Feel comfortable and confident with what you are purchasing and putting on your body. Purchasing products with the certified organic logo is another fool proof way to ensure that what your buying is clean so always look out for the logo!