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Back To Basics

Skin care is all about routine. I often find clients will spend large amounts of money on products, to have them sit in their cupboards and only use once a week. You wouldn't pay for a gym membership to only go once a week and expect to see impressive results would you? Much like the gym, daily effort is required for your skin care.

A number of genetic, intrinsic, and extrinsic factors can cause skin conditions such as acne, mild breakouts, rough dry skin, pigment or premature ageing. A good skin care routine with the right products, can be preventive as well as a therapeutic treatment to alleviate these symptoms.

To give you an insight into the skin care routine of a Cosmetic Nurse:


Cleanse with an AHA ( alpha hydroxy acids)  cleanser

Hydrating serum

Vit C


Spf50+ (Always!!)


Cleanse makeup off with a gentle cleanser

2nd cleanse with an AHA cleanser

Exfoliate with an enzyme/ AHA 1-2 times per week

Retinol serum (every 2nd night)

Hydrating serum

Non occlusive oil


My skin has always been high maintenance. Unfortunately, I was not born one of these girls who can cleanse with Micellar water once a week and look flawless.  I have dry, dehydrated, breakout prone skin with an impaired barrier function from years of topical steroid usage (refer to my ‘about me’ page for more on that story). So if your skin is also problematic and high maintenance like mine, then you may be finding your self a little lost and uncertain where to start.

If you are just starting out with a skin care routine, my best advice would be to invest in a cosmedical strength AHA (alpha hydroxy acids) cleanser. AHAs are acid molecules scientifically proven to work by accelerating the skin’s natural exfoliation process and therefore increase the natural rejuvenation process. Essentially they dissolve the ‘glue’ that is holding together the weak bond of dead skin cells occupying the surface of our skin.  By getting rid of the dead damaged skin cells, your skin can now let the new undamaged cells surface.

If you are anything like my partner and still insist on using soap/ shower gel on your face, please stop! Your face does not need to be stripped of bacteria and treated the same as the souls of your feet. By using harsh soaps on your face you are stripping the skin of its natural oils, protective barrier, helpful probiotics and are in turn accelerating the signs of ageing and exacerbating inflamed skin.

I will be covering more in depth topics regarding my product preferences, explaining the difference between a ‘beauty’ and a ‘cosmedical’ product, different skin types and many more in the months to come.. But for now, cleanse, exfoliate twice a week, spf 50+ everyday and say goodbye to your coles body wash!